Winners of both the Māori Tourism Award and Resilience & Innovation Award at the New Zealand Tourism Awards 2023.

This is where our story begins. A pepeha is an identity statement, it's how Māori introduce ourselves.

We invite you to share your story with us – your place of belonging.

mountains covered in mist

Te Maunga | The Mountain

What maunga has shaped you, the mountain that challenges you and has helped you rise above?


Te Awa | The Body of Water

Where are the waters that call your name and take you to your edge – a life source you always return to?

māori warrior

Nō Ahau | My City

How far have you come –  where is the heart of your village? Where do your roots lie?


Tōku Whānau | My Family

Who are your whānau, the ones that have nurtured and shaped you?

Girl and poi

Tōku Ingoa | My Name

What is your name, how does the world know you?